Securing ePOD's with Blockchain

Move to the paperless economy and go digital with OpenPort's realtime electronic proof of delivery.

OpenPort is the only multi-market ePOD solution in Asia with ERP integration and execution.

Building this digital solution on block-chain compatible technology, OpenPort delivers the most reliable, secure and scalable solution for enterprise goods delivery.

Benefits of Blockchain



Know what happened, exactly when and who was involved with every shipment, no matter who is the trucker - OpenPort delivers unprecedented transparency.


Faster Transactions

Bring the delivery of your goods back to your customer service organisation in realtime.


Lower Costs

Reduce the cost of capital and adminstration, plus directly reducing disputes and short-paid collections.

Ready to revolutionize your business?

Shine a light of transparency on your supply chain: discover new efficiencies and solve tangible issues with our powerful technology.

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