Maia Global, BSA Logistics, XVC Logistics and Bastian Consulting Join the OEL Foundation to Promote Blockchain Within the Logistics Industry

Hong Kong, May 24, 2018 — The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation, the non-profit organization open to enterprises in the supply chain and logistics industry, today welcomed four new members; XVC Logistics, BSA Logistics (a member of Sinar Mas Group), Maia Global, and Bastian Consulting, extending the reach of the OEL Enterprise Architecture and further promoting blockchain innovation for the logistics space. The announcement coincided with the appointment of Mark Nelson as CTO of the OEL Foundation.

Maia Global, the company that specializes in the management and optimization of temperature-sensitive supply chains, joins XVC Logistics, the Philippines based logistics operator, BSA Logistics and Bastian Consulting, the boutique search practice as the latest members of the OEL Foundation, following its official launch last month.

Paul Good, CEO of BSA Logistics, one of Indonesia’s premier logistics services companies said, “The OEL Foundation is the ideal alliance to develop a community-led blockchain ecosystem built on the values of collaboration and innovation. It’s a great privilege to work alongside leading industry figures in building the blockchain-powered logistics industry of the future.”

The announcement of the four new members comes as the OEL Foundation appointed seasoned IT professional Mark Nelson as its CTO. Nelson has held global and regional roles as head of IT, Operations and Finance and has been a consultant for major players in the banking and insurance sectors such as ING, RBS, Societe Generale, Bupa and Prudential. Nelson’s impressive body of work includes the development and successful implementation of advanced systems solutions, and he is an active developer using leading web applications, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Commenting on the appointment, OpenPort CEO and Board Member of the OEL Foundation Max Ward said, “Today is truly a landmark day for the OEL Foundation, welcoming four of the most innovative and forward-thinking logistics operators in the world, as well as our esteemed new CTO, Mark Nelson. Mark has a rich history of using new technologies to equip stakeholders with innovative tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs, and his key technical experience will be invaluable as we lay the foundation for a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective logistics space.”

Newly appointed CTO of the OEL Foundation, Mark Nelson said, “I’ve greatly admired the OEL Foundation’s track record of evolution, education, and development in the blockchain-powered logistics space and I hope to continue that leadership as I join the experienced management team. With our planned roadmap, I look forward to supporting the OEL Foundation’s innovative and collaborative culture in the supply chain industry.”

The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing governance, development, and open source collaboration for the OEL Enterprise Architecture. The OPN utility token fuels the OEL Protocol. The Foundation will host a TGE over two phases conducted later in 2018 and 2019. The first phase will be for an ERC20-compliant OPN token with 1-1 parity to the OPN token which will be issued upon launch of the main net in the second phase.


Max Ward, Founder and CEO of OpenPort and member of the OEL Foundation Board of Directors, is available for interview.

About the OEL Foundation:
The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation is a non-profit organization providing governance and resources for the development of the OEL blockchain ecosystem. The OEL ecosystem comprises the open-source OEL Enterprise Architecture, OPN Token and members of the OEL Alliance. A global initiative headquartered in Hong Kong, the Foundation promotes innovative blockchain technologies for enterprise logistics applications.

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