Increase Efficiency with OpenAnalytics

Match data from our mobile app and other sources (GPS providers, ERP or other systems) for real-time supply chain analytics. At the click of a mouse, switch views from one depot to another, and view the exceptions on raw materials or transport spend in a particular market.

Dashboard Features


Multiple Data Sources

OpenPort creates a single dashboard view by taking data from disparate sources and merging them into one unified dashboard for ease of visibility and better context.



Bring Objectivity into your transport provider rating system with data sourced directly from your transporters smartphone or alternative tracking device. Reduce decisions on transporter selection from subjective or relationship based to true performance and actual cost.



Tired of waiting days or weeks for POD to come back, or your provider to email you an excel spreadsheet? Get all the data you need in our OpenAnalytics dashboard, within moments of actual delivery.

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