OpenPort CEO Max Ward Takes the Stage at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

This October, Dubai hosted the World Blockchain Summit, an exciting and exceptionally well attended event bringing together influencers, movers and shakers of the blockchain community for a two-day event exploring the incredible progress being made across multiple industries implementing blockchain solutions.

Max Ward, founder and CEO of OpenPort, delivered a presentation where he outlined many of the challenges faced by the modern logistics industry across Asia, and how OpenPort has been meeting and solving these challenges head on over the past three years with an array of digital solutions designed to create massive improvements in efficiency, transparency and payments for the supply chain.

Today, OpenPort is building a new wave of blockchain products, building on the success of it’s existing technology, which creates irrefutable transparency around shipments carried by any trucker across multiple Asian markets.

OpenPort already works with many of the largest consumer goods companies in the world – in the photo above, Mr. Ward cites the example of a large multinational FMCG in India, who now have the ability to immediately see exactly what was delivered, and by whom, from any truck operating in their supply chain.

With the advent of blockchain, OpenPort can now create irrefutable transparency of shipment events, and feed that data directly to the ERP systems of the world’s largest shippers.

OpenPort also plans to use their blockchain platform to extend their reach with individual and small trucking operators across Asia, allowing them access to an open and neutral transport marketplace with significantly better engagement that the current iteration of the product, ensuring that the smallest operators receive the payment they require, on time, in order to operate a sustainable and healthy business.

OpenPort is excited by receptive and progressive responses shown by the regulators in Dubai and India towards the advantages shown by not only blockchain technology, but by the efficiencies in the movement of financial capital between actors in the supply chain that it affords.

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