How OpenPort Helped Tri-Pack Films Achieve Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility has been an ongoing problem for the supply chain for decades now because of the rapid growth of industries brought by increasing consumer demands. The fragmented nature of the supply chain is one of the biggest problems for Tri-Pack Films Limited, a company that produces biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) films in Pakistan.

Tri-Pack Films is a market leader capturing almost 70% of the BOPP market in Pakistan and successfully increasing sales level in 2018 despite volatile regulations and challenging market conditions. They are also steadily expanding their footprint in the international market.

According to Kamran Quyoom, Commercial Manager of Tri-Pack Films, their operational challenges ranged from misleading transporter reporting times, long halting times, over-reliance on transporter and clients for updates, and the overall lack of visibility during transit. This creates a huge blind spot that results into many inefficiencies that eat away at the company’s resources — issues and concerns that OpenPort’s efficient TMS and dashboard has adequately addressed.

According to Quyoom, “OpenPort’s Control Tower, with its dedicated resources placed at our factory, assists us with real updates of transporter reporting times and factory halting times, so we have absolute visibility of our cargo right from vehicle’s arrival for loading, to delivery of cargo at the client side. There are no more assumptions made on the whereabouts of vehicles as OpenPort delivers real-time order visibility 24/7. Our KPI monitoring department relies on analytics provided by OpenPort.”

Aamir Haroon, Managing Director of OpenPort Middle East, shared his thoughts, “from the start, OpenPort’s transport management system aimed to help address three key problems for Tri-Pack: misleading tracking times, long halting times, and lack of visibility during transit. It was our honor to help Tri-Pack Films in supporting a wide array of industries through its products. Their position is crucial especially in Asia where industries are rapidly scaling up and materials for operations and production are high on demand. The success we gained through helping Tri-Pack films is a huge step forward not only for OpenPort but for the movement of addressing supply chain inefficiencies with technology.”

Both OpenPort and Tri-Pack films are hopeful for the future especially with the advent of blockchain or more innovations in the supply chain industry. “In the near future, we plan to implement OpenPort’s blockchain proof of delivery with SKU details. We expect that it will prepare us for the next stage in managing transporters. We are looking forward to our partnership with OpenPort and on more ways to ultimately translate this success into customer delight,” said Quyoom.

About Tri-Pack Films

Tri-Pack Films Limited (Tri-Pack) – a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan and Packages Limited of Pakistan – was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on April 29, 1993 to produce Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) Films in Pakistan. Its head office is based in Karachi and regional offices are located in Karachi, Lahore and Hattar where focus is to provide customers with dependable, economical and quality films backed by strong customer services. Tri-Pack is indeed proud of making distinctive contributions to the packaging industry in Pakistan.

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