Streamlines the shipping process for brand owners and manufacturers of consumer goods and other products, distributors, and retailers, and anyone moving high volumes of freight on a regular basis.

OpenPort’s Transport Management gives Shippers and Carriers an enterprise-grade fully integrated solution to tender and manage shipments, plan and consolidate loads, configure assets and driver resources, track and report shipment status, and other aspects of inbound and outbound transportation management.

Track and Trace

OpenPort’s Track and Trace gives users a consistent and easy to read status update of events happening to your shipment regardless of tracking data source. OpenPort integrates data from most Vehicle Tracking Providers together with events and breadcrumb data from its Driver App to provide a robust set of geofencing features and shipment status updates so you don’t have to worry about consolidating various sources of information.

Date Status Shipment No. Location
07/08 Booking 24911088 Tsuen Wan
07/08 Assigned 25278228 Tai Kok Tsui Temp Mkt
07/07 Delivered 27877587 Cheung Tat Centre
07/07 Delivered 28961488 華聯工業中心
07/07 Delivered 27538603 開僑商業大廈


OpenPort’s shipment and load consolidator provides users with a convenient and intuitive yet powerful consolidator that makes recommendations on equipment type or number of shipments depending on factors such as weight, volume, or destination.


33.2 cbm


24,000 kg

Recommended Vehicle

20 Standard Container

Automatic Rating

Get recommend price rates for multiple shipments processed into the system through several conditions such as origin and destination, equipment, forwarder, or other factors that can be configured during the customer setup phase.


24911088 (3)





Recommend Rate

1,623.00 HKD

Vehicle Tracking Features


Realtime Location

Keeping track of all your shipments and freight movements across multiple carriers is a challenging goal when using disparate tools. OpenPort gives you visibility across different systems and modes of tracking through OpenTM.


Navigation History

Have better visibility, insight, and history on freight movements enabling you to discover and resolve causes for exceptions. Increase your ability to prevent future incidences with detailed history on navigation and events.

In-App Messaging

Realize a truly collaborative supply chain process by retaining adhoc instant messages and Shipment Events tracked against each shipment or transport move. Communicate with your transport network from within OpenTM.


Notification Broadcast

Conveniently send emergency notifications or important announcements across your transport network and partner locations without having to bring up contact numbers or various modes of communication.

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