Shipment Tracking from Start to Finish

Detailed visibility integrated with your core ERP platform, from pickup to delivery, full truckload or multi-drop. Geofencing and breadcrumbs history are available for a complete shipment and delivery audit trail.

Ship, Book, and Track.
Anytime, Anywhere.

OpenPort technology concepts are extensible to any trucker, working today on a variety of devices from Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, and more countries as we expand.

As the costs of mobile devices and connectivity reduces, mobile information becomes more and more available. Use this power to improve cash flow and reduce costs.

Create Bookings Quickly and Easily!

Generate bookings on the fly or download directly from your ERP or WMS system. Simple or complex, OpenPort is ready to exceed your expectations on ease of use and integration.


Cebu IT Park


Mactan Intl. Airport



Vehicle Type

20 Standard


30 cbm


22,168 kg

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Realtime Location Updates

Leverage the power of geofencing in your average mobile device with OpenPort mapview, but add 'active' features to the 'passive' features of legacy GPS technology. Search and manage by your delivery order information, not just truck id.

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