We Create the Data Network

OpenPort has built a neutral and digital network for enterprise logistics in emerging markets. The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) model features a neutral marketplace for transport procurement where transporters publish rates and collaborate directly with large shippers for tenders, both for smart contracts and on-demand ad-hoc transport procurement.

Independent data-driven performance ratings are assigned to the transporter and shippers can negotiate their procurement directly while gaining unprecedented visibility and tracking.

ERP Integration

We have direct integrations whereby delivery requests from the shipper’s ERP are executed in OpenPort’s OpenTM (transport manager), consolidated and dispatched using the OpenDispatch tool, and fulfilled by drivers via the OpenPort Driver App.

Throughout the process shipment tracking events can be fed back to the customer’s internal systems. OpenPort is a proven integration partner with the likes of Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and more.

Real-time Analytics

OpenPort also offers a set of standard and customizable “Operations Dashboards” for each client which allows visibility into the evaluation and ranking of providers on any selected trade lane, and new perspectives over the trove of ERP-integrated shipment, cost and milestone data available in OEL.

2FA-Enabled ePOD

OpenPort’s Driver App provides transporters the ease of use and reliability of complete shipment information at their fingertips.

Shippers gain full visibility of transport movements with the security of a two-factor authenticated ePOD provided by the driver and the consignee (retailer).

Web and Mobile Access

OpenPort technology is built to be scalable, secure and robust, and provide a differentiating solution to the largest multinational and the smallest trucker.

To successfully deliver against these imperatives we leverage modern cloud based Software as a Service and Platform as a Service systems together with mobile technology for a universally accessible platform.