White paper: Building the Blockchain Logistics Protocol

1.4 Company Overview

OpenPort is the digital logistics platform that transforms domestic distribution in emerging markets by creating a direct, transparent relationship between shippers and transporters through our Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) model. Fitting neither the industry conventions of “3PL” (third party logistics provider, subcontracting services) nor “4PL” (a fourth party used to manage 3PLs), OEL provides distributed technology that can be accessed by any transporter, with detailed electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and shipment visibility at the individual unit level.

The fully scalable platform enables a direct data connection between the shipper and the actual transport provider creating unmatched visibility and significant savings for multinational companies, while local transporters gain a direct relationship with their largest clients.

OpenPort is initially focused on domestic distribution and cross-border trucking by FMCG multinationals in emerging markets in Asia, based on management’s extensive experience in the region and the high opportunity level presented by transport volume and annual spend.

OpenPort operates fully owned and licensed for transport and software sales businesses in China, Hong Kong, India, and Pakistan, plus a subsidiary in Philippines which will obtain transport licensing by Q1 2018, a dedicated agent model in Indonesia, and offices in Singapore. These initial markets meet our criteria for growth and can be serviced easily from our existing bases.