OpenPort’s Transport Management gives shippers and transporters an enterprise-grade fully integrated solution to tender and manage shipments, plan and consolidate loads, configure assets and driver resources, track and report shipment status, and all aspects of inbound and outbound transportation networks for anyone moving regular high volumes of freight.

Track and Trace

OpenPort’s Track and Trace feature provides status updates of shipment events regardless of the data source. OpenPort integrates data from most Vehicle Tracking Providers together with event, geofencing and breadcrumb data from its Driver App to provide data such as real-time location and navigation history so you don’t have to worry about consolidating sources of information.


Quickly send multiple target rates to pre-qualified transporters and conveniently award shipments from your OpenTM account. With OpenMarket, you’re able to select the right transporter through an insightful feedback and carrier assessment system that provides upfront estimates in real time.


Built with practical usability and designed to scale with varying degrees of detail, OpenPort’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) provides real time shipment status information and gives your company the ability to generate a range of performance and exception management reports with the integrity of the recipient’s digital signature through two-factor authentication.


Realize cost savings, operational efficiency, and increased ability to make informed decisions through a set of convenient visual analytics dashboards collecting data across your locations, shipments, and transport partners. Whether you are a shipper or a transporter, OpenAnalytics delivers real time information when and where you need it.

Track Performance

Match data from our Driver App and other sources (GPS providers, ERP or other third party systems) for real-time supply chain analytics. At the click of a mouse, switch views from one depot to another, and view the exceptions on raw materials or transport spend in a particular market. Bring objectivity to your transport provider rating with data sourced directly from your transporter’s smartphone or alternative tracking device.


No Hidden Costs

Submit consolidated loads or individual shipments to the Marketplace for transporters to post spot-rate bids and receive confirmation in minutes. Obtain backhaul optimization or reverse loads to reduce costs and improve the sustainability of your transport network.

Secure, Faster Payment

Move to the paperless economy and go digital with OpenPort’s real-time ePOD. Know exactly what happened, when and who was involved for every shipment. By building this digital solution on blockchain compatible technology, OpenPort delivers the most reliable, secure and scalable solution for enterprise goods delivery tied to instant payments.