Shippers – Focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Shippers are brand owners who need to move their parts and products through the supply chain – from raw material to manufacturing sites, to distribution centers and ultimately retailers. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) are items that are relatively inexpensive and purchased frequently, such as soft drinks, toiletries, grocery items and cleaning products.

Multinational FMCG companies manufacture and distribute more goods to more people than any other industry. Due to their relatively low manufacturing cost, distribution is a more significant portion of the total delivered cost to the retailer than with other higher-priced products, making the final price paid by the consumer sensitive to transport costs. Efficient, secure transport is necessary for the sustainable growth of this sector.

Shipment Tracking from Start to Finish

OpenPort’s rapidly expanding digital solutions for road procurement, digital proof of delivery and settlement drive efficiencies and lower costs. We provide integrations with shipper’s ERP systems, delivering detailed visiblity from pickup to delivery, full truckload or multi-drop and down to SKU level. Geofencing and breadcrumbs history provide a complete shipment and delivery audit trail.

Ship, Book and Track. Anytime, Anywhere

OpenPort’s technology is extensible to any trucker in the supply chain with a smartphone. Our Driver App is working today on devices from China, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and more, providing real-time location updates and delivery order information.