Road Freight – the Core of Logistics

Trucking is the core of all logistics movement, and faces operational challenges set by paper-based records: delayed and disputed payments. Many transporters lack IT infrastructure, as their focus is the management of transport assets (trucks). As a result, they often rely on 3PLs (third party logistics providers) to coordinate with major shippers and sub-contract to them.

This creates a transport supplier base that is fragmented and difficult to manage, often sub-contracting their services to the owners and operators of ‘market-hired vehicles’ by at least one level to create a sufficiently large distribution network and adding additional cost. Transporters face working capital challenges due to slow payment, and cannot optimize their asset utilization without full visibility over movements in the network.

Improve Cash Flow with ePOD

We believe there is a need to directly connect the movement of goods with payment, providing proof of pick-up and delivery via a secure digital medium for speed and traceability. Our electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), available to any transporter, reduces the time to receive payments through paperless submission of electronic freight invoices and POD, facilitating faster approval and settlement.

Manage Drivers with Dispatcher

The OpenPort Dispatcher tool can be used to send order instructions to drivers using the complimentary Driver App, with their phone numbers acting as a unique identifier. Drivers can see their order details, route, and consignee information all from their phone.