White paper: Building the Blockchain Logistics Protocol

1.5 Who We Sell To

OpenPort is already supporting many of the world’s largest shippers (we are engaged with all top 10 of the largest multinational FMCGs), integrating with their ERP systems, and providing services in multiple countries with plans for rapid business expansion to be accelerated with new investment capital and blockchain-focused infrastructure.

We have built a high-growth multinational business (over 20% top line revenue growth month on month since inception, over 400k USD in August 2017, and expected to approach one million USD/month by the end of Q1 2018) which generates revenue through two simple models; either shippers purchase transport via OpenPort, or they use the system standalone, and pay per transaction. This hybrid system and/or service model allows us to scale rapidly and embed our ePOD system to improve core business cash flow for both shippers and transporters by linking payments to ePOD. At current growth rates, we will exceed 10 million USD gross revenue per month in 2019 (projected), driven primarily by the buyers of transport services (the shippers). We also generate transaction-based revenue from the transport asset-owners who benefit from increased yield on assets derived from the high-volume market-leading multinational shippers who are utilizing our platform for procurement. As market rates and historical performance ratings of providers will be available to OpenPort clients, we will incrementally create a marketplace which brings highly sought-after transparency to a fragmented and fast-growing industry, fundamentally changing how goods are distributed to new consumers in emerging Asia and beyond.

Since early 2017, OpenPort has also been generating business from international logistics companies who purchase transport on a “first-mile” basis from OpenPort for factory-to-port services on consignments to international retail brands. This new service model shows signs of rapid development with large logistics providers recently agreeing to new projects in China and elsewhere.